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Retro Megan and Danny

Lately, as my Facebook friends can attest to, I've been on a kick of sourcing, posting, and the most important step, tagging, "retro" photos. Then I write witty comments on the respective pics like "LOL, LOL, LOL" or "I'm laughing so hard I'm dying."  Like I said, witty.

Anyway, now that all my Facebook friends hate me, I've decided to give them a break and curate a retro collection here on my blog. I'm calling it "Retro Megan and Danny" and it's a collection of the oldest photos of my husband and I that I could find. Please enjoy.


This is one of the first, if not thee first photo Danny and I ever took together.

If we look drunk in this photo it's because, well, we were. We're so drunk that I can't even pretend that we weren't. Had my eyes been open for this shot, I would have tried harder to convince you otherwise. Let's move on, we're off to a rough start.

Our first flight together!

I'll always remember this trip because it was one of "firsts";  My first time in Austin, my first time meeting Danny's mom, and my first time eating Whataburger.

Some token Chicago sports shots of The Cubs and Da Bulls;

JK. That's not Michael Jordan but rather what appears to be some sort of halftime janitor? He seems to be holding a mop, no?  

I'm sharing this picture only because what was going on with those bangs? I don't remember anything else about this photo - most likely because the bangs are distracting me.

There have been a few trips;

Trip to Mexico. (Ole!)

Trip to China. (Ni Hao!)

Trip to Medieval Times. (WTF!)

Which was not my choice and almost resulted in a divorce.

Such an idiot.

See Facebook Friends! Aren't retro pictures fun?

Though, I must say, recent pics are fun too..

Awww, who saw this sweet ending coming? Not me, that's for sure! =)

P.S. I feel like this collection is lacking a wedding picture. If you agree and are interested in those, check out this super old post.

P.P.S. I'll post a few more "retro pics" on my Greetings from Texas Facebook page.

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