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Greetings from Texas, Home Edition

This post is going to be like an episode of MTV's CRIBS but with less commercials and more things from Target. It's gonna be fun though!!! Let's get started!

I recently started collecting coins ha! jk postcards (or anything really) that has Greetings from Texas on it. As of this week I'd collected enough postcards to curate this little frame below, which I've hung in our kitchen. I LOVE it. Danny hasn't noticed it.

*I also have this Texas card which I got from Houston's Myth and Symbol. I just wanted you guys to know that. Thanks for listening.

The other recent edition to my household that I'd like to call attention to, this being Cribs and all, is the jewelry board I made produced. I say produced because although it was my idea, Danny is the one who executed it. (Which is a way less important duty.)

Looks good, right? This hangs on my bedroom wall and is much better than what I was doing previously in terms of jewelry organization, which was nothing. 

Making the board was super easy (says Danny.) He simply spray painted the frame of the bulletin board white and bought hooks like these from Lowe's. Screwing the hooks into the cork was sorta difficult - I helped. But I suppose screwing is an art, is it not? (Ha!)

Optional Step* A further but completely optional step is to place a terrible, yet hilarious picture of your husband onto the cork. While this serves no organizational purpose it does add a fun dimension to the board and marriage in general.

*No offense to any of you readers who drive vans with no windows. I'm sure they're good on gas mileage and whatnot.

That concludes this edition of Cribs. I hope you've enjoyed it!

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