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An Interview with Rebecca from The Daily Muse

I've always been obsessed with living in New York City and I feel like reading Rebecca's blog, The Daily Muse, gives me insight into what that lifestyle would be like. She's not necessarily attending red carpets or wearing head-to-toe Prada and neither would I if I lived in NYC. (I would be wearing head-to-toe Chanel.....jk.) Rather, Rebecca's just a real New Yorker - she walks her dog, goes out to eat with her husband, has deep thoughts about life, decorates her Manhattan apartment - normal stuff, yet it's the precise stuff that I'm interested in, want to read about, and relate to. The NYC lifestyle that I can't relate to? That's what US Weekly is for.

So without further ado, let's do this thang! (P.S. The notes written in red are me interjecting in her interview because I just couldn't help myself.)

Rebecca from The Daily Muse




City of Residence:
New York, NY

Favorite 3 Places to Shop in NYC:
Matt Bernson for shoes (sooo comfortable)
MZ Wallace handbags
Jack Spade for men's bags and accessories

Favorite 3 Places to Eat in NYC:
I'm a hippie at heart. If a restaurant mentions something about growing vegetables on their roof, I'm on it.
1. Co - favorite NYC pizza.
2. Recipe - farm to table neighborhood joint (When Danny was in NYC for work, I sent him & his colleagues here based on Becca's recommendation. Danny said it was awesome and that his colleagues thought he was cool for taking them there. Danny is not cool. Becca is.)
3. Red Farm - greenmarket modern Chinese food

Describe/Explain your blog in 5 words or less:
Food. Photography. New York. Sam Wiggins.

What about blogging do you enjoy most?
I doubt I'd have any friends if it weren't for the blog. It's the only way I've met people and I'm grateful to have made some really close friendships. (Ditto.)

What do you struggle with in terms of blogging?
I've always been turned off by blogs that portray this picture perfect lifestyle with a picture perfect outfit to boot. That being said, a blog reads like a magazine and no one wants to look at ugly photos. There's a fine line between sharing too much and sharing too little and I struggle to find a happy medium.

Three blogs you read religiously:
It's impossible to name only 3 because some of my dearest friends are bloggers. I know I know, such a lame answer. Check the blog roll, yo.

Favorite Rapper:
I'm not so hip on the hip hop. I should probably bow out of this one.
(That's okay. Points for the pun!)

**Thanks Becca for participating! I love your blog so this was fun for me. Send my regards to Sam Wiggins!

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