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Alas! It's getting cooler here in Houston which means I can bust out my faux fur! Fo real!

Granted its a small window in the day where this vest is appropriate as my noon its usually back in the eighties. But let me be clear*, in the mornings, when I walk Booker, I throw this vest on over my pajamas and I rock the hell out of this faux fur. Fo real! Fo eva!  

*My Obama impression

These pictures however were not taken on one of my morning walks but rather outside a local Houston Verizon store. Do you remember that scene from Full House where DJ did the egg drop experiment - and ended up building a parachute for her egg.  I did that same thing earlier this week but instead of an egg it was my iphone and instead of a parachute I just let the thing fly. Not on purpose of course but other than that, it was the same situation except I lacked the moral support of Uncle Jesse, Joey, and Kimmy Gibler. Anyway, I'm supposed to get a new phone today so friends and family, if you've texted me and I didn't respond, this is the super long winded version of why.

But anyway, back to my faux fur!!!

You guys dig? If so shop the look below!
Note: Some of my pieces are vintage or last season so I substituted w/ similar stuff I LOVE!


P.S. Does anyone know where to find the Full House scene I speak of online? I tried you tube but was unsuccessful.


  1. I am pretty sure any real life situation can be solved by an episode of Full House!

    I'm kind of hungover and I don't know if that sentence even makes sense.


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