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Manga Manga!

Macedonia. It's a country.  And as it turns out, not a made up one. For years Danny told me that his family was from "Macedonia" and I was like never heard of it. You probably mean "Caledonia", which was the town next to mine growing up in Franklin, Wisconsin.

But then one day Danny ordered a Macedonia t-shirt form the Internet and I began to take his claim more seriously.

Good job honey.

According to Wikepedia, Macedonia is a successor state of Yugoslavia. It borders Serbia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, and Albania - all countries that I again know nothing about. Though I think I might be able to do a Serbian accent?  I'm doing it right now and it sounds pretty good. It has some Borat in it.

Anyway, Danny's heritage is actually quite fascinating. Danny's grandparents, together through an arranged marriage, immigrated to America back in the day. Upon moving here, they had Danny's dad, who eventually grew up to become a successful golf pro.

Recently, in an effort to honor Danny's Macedonian roots, I had Danny's mom  teach me to make "manga" - the dish his grandma was known for. Manga is sort of like a stew with it's main components being meat, cabbage, sauerkraut, and tomato sauce.

Ha! Just kidding - she didn't say that. It's just a line from Billy Madison that popped in my head that I couldn't stop myself from writing because I have no self control.

I don't know that manga will make it into my regular rotation of weekly dinners. Just because, how often can you eat sauerkraut, you know? But I'll make definitely make it on special occasions. 

Macedonia y'all. It's legit and I hope you've enjoyed this post. More importantly, I hoped you've learned something - you know I always strive to educate my readers.

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