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Murphy Brown

This is my Murphy Brown look in that this Ralph Lauren blazer is huge and has shoulder pads. I couldn't leave the vintage store without it though as the blue was speaking to me. (The fact that it was size 16 was less vocal.) 

I usually wear it open, with a tank top & denim cutoffs, to balance out the giganticness of it. But now that it's getting brisk out, I buttoned it up and threw on some leather leggings. Very Murphy Brown meets Madonna.

Truth be told, I didn't watch all that much of Murphy Brown growing up. I did, however, love Candice Bergen's performance in the cinematic masterpiece, Sweet Home Alabama. Such a good flick!

And now the real stars of this outfit - Chanel fucking oxfords!! They're vintage too. And phenom. And Chanel. Did I mention they were Chanel? Fun fact: Macy's middle name was almost Chanel.  It was between that and Carter. We ended up going Carter, obviously, but maybe if we have another daughter we'll use it. Or a gay son.

**For my vintage pieces, I linked to similar options that I love.

                                            Thoughts on any of the things mentioned above???

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