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Earlier this year I wrote a piece called The Evidence of My Disease for MD Anderson's blog. It's being shared there again today in part of their Best of  2012 series.
If you haven't read it before, and you feel compelled to, you can click here to check it out. I'm actually spending the afternoon at MDA today for a few tests so the timing of this is uncanny.
I don't know if its the Sandy Hook tragedy, the holidays, or the fact that I have this cute little baby in my house when I myself can't physically make one - but I've been feeling incredibly lucky and grateful these past few days. Being a patient at MD Anderson is one of the things I feel most fortunate about. I'm inspired every time I leave there which, given the context, is pretty amazing. Good looking out MDA.
That's all from me today guys. Carry on!
*For those of you that are new around here & are all "wait, what?" - feel free to catch up by visiting my topics page, and clicking on 'cancer'. 

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