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Camouflage appears to be the latest trend y'all (as seen for example here and here) & I'm all about it. Move over G.I. Joe - welcome to the party G.I. Hoe!  

Fun Fact: This house that I'm standing in front of is not mine but a neighbors. The very first day we moved into this neighborhood, Booker peed on this lady's lawn. She emerged from the house (which is surrounded by barbed wire mind you) and called us "Damn Yankees". Ha! Good story, right? The lesson of course being this lady is a real bitch.

Now let's talk about this shirt, shall we? It's from Target. Target, Men's Section. I bet you didn't see that coming. I've actually been coveting all of the below camo pieces for a while now - but with Christmas and all I've been trying to not shop. But guess who had a gift certificate to Target? So technically, I wasn't shopping as much as I was moving around my assets. G.I. Hoe y'all!
P.S. I answered a few questions about the holidays yesterday for Crane & Canopy's blog. Check it out here.
Be, all that you can be, in these camo pieces!


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