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I was recently invited to work out with Dan Geraci of Hard Pressed Training Studio in Chicago. And by "invited" I mean that I invited myself, as Dan is the relatively new boyfriend of my cousin Anne-Marie. They are in that stage of their relationship where they need to be nice and accommodating to one another's family members which is why I additionally asked Dan to give me 50 bucks.

  My cousin, Anne-Marie, and I 'bout to get our fitness on.

Walking into the gym, I was relatively optimistic. I knew the workouts at Hard Pressed were only a half hour - how hard could it be? Turns out, pretty fucking hard. Dan took me from machine to machine, slowly crushing of my will to live at each one. 

 don't be fooled by my smile - I was delirious

This was me afterwards. Dan had a half hour before his next appointment and wanted to run across the street for coffee with Anne-Marie and I during that time. Guess he should have thought about that when taking away my ability to walk.


Kidding aside, it was a great workout. I'm all about bang for my buck and that's what Hard Pressed is all about. In 30 minutes, I got one of the best workouts of my life. I just wish I still lived in Chicago so I could keep it up. Speaking of which, for those of you who do live in Chicago, Hard Pressed offers free sessions for new clients. Learn more about that here.

Dan and I looking swole.
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