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Sweet Home Chicago

I'm baccckkkk. It was great to visit my friends & family in Chicago last week, but it's equally nice to be back home. Here's a photo montage of the week!

one. Dinner with my brother and Julianna at Bill & Giuliana's Rancic's restaurant, RPM.  (I'm wearing this dress. - which is now on clearance at Urban!)

two. Visiting my friend Chuck's little peanut in the NICU.

three. My high school friend, Kristin, & her son, Eli, meeting Macy. An arranged marriage between Eli & Macy is being entertained, though Kristin is gonna need to get a bit more agressive with the dowry - I want goats. Multiple goats Kristin!

four.  I passed out prematurely one night and that bitch Julianna got a hold of my camera.

five. Macy's 1st Christmas. She was underwhelmed. We'll try Hanukkah next year.

six. Macy meeting her Great Great Great Uncle Leo at a family Bears party. I was concerned she was going to pull his breathing tube out and kill him, which would have likely changed the tone of the party.

seven. Lil Bears cheerleader - though I gotta say I find The Bears & football in general to be pretty lame these days. The only aspect about The Bears that I find intriguing is the engagement between quarterback, Jay Cutler, and Kristin Cavallari. For example, where will they wed? And has Kristin peer pressured Jay to do blow? That can't be good for his game nor his diabetes.

P.S. While we were in Chicago, Booker spent the week with our neighbors Anna & Michael. Anna is also a blogger and posted about Booker's stay here!

P.P.S. For more Chicago pics, check out the Greetings from Texas Facebook page.

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