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Merry Merry

Christmas in Austin came and went and now I'm just sitting here, trying to figure out what to do next. I should do something productive but continuing to lay around in my new pajamas w/ my new book sounds so much more appealing.
Here's my favorite shots from the last two days - they sum up Silianoff Christmas quite well.
Merry Christmas to you & yours!
My Christmas angel.
Christmas Eve was game night; Jenga first, followed by Chinese Checkers....or as the Chinese call it, "checkers".
      Left: Egg Nog.  
      Right: Too much Egg Nog.

 And then Christmas morning came!!!! As did Santa.
Booker got a squirrel.
Danny's friend, Ronnie, got him this. You shouldn't have Ronnie. No, seriously. You shouldn't have...

 Naked Macy opening her first present. Let's hope it's clothes.

All the Silianoff woman received pj's for Christmas, so we decided to don them for a quick pic.The weather, however, refused to cooperate.

DAMNIT wind.
I got these from Victoria Secret (Good job honey!) and my niece got these, also from Vickys.
Grandma & Macy making fudge. I LOVE this pic. Almost as much as I love homemade fudge.

Almost time to eat!
Dinner is served!

Unless you're Booker.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Love, Danny, Megan, Booker, & Macy

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  1. Can I just say...Macy is freaking PRESH! What a DOLL! And Danny totally scored with the Nacho Libre mask! Nice. :)


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