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Army Green & Leather

 Vest: Langford Market - Scroll all the way down for more info
Two consecutive outfit posts y'all! It's because, well, I've been shopping. This has obviously been great for me - possibly less great for Danny. I decided I should be the one to tell him as opposed to Visa, so Sunday afternoon amidst his football viewing, I decided to broach the subject.

"Honey, I have something I need to talk to you about and I'm scared to tell you." I said nervously.  

He looked at me, now extremely concerned.

"I've been taking advantage of some of the post Christmas sales this weekend. Both online and in store. I've just been feeling very stifled by closet lately and this is something I needed to do."

He shot me a quizzical look.

"Do you want to know the final amount?" I asked, deciding to lay it all out there.

"Not really." he answered.

"It's $130, for 5 pieces, which I think we can both agree is excellent value."

He looked relieved in that $130 isn't an exuberant amount of money but also in that our conversation was nearing an end.  He then resumed watching football (lame) as I played with my new clothes. (Awesome.)
And now, a very special 'Greetings from Texas' surprise.

Look what I did yesterday!
Spoiler Alert: I cut off six inches, none of which was donated, because I was told you can't make anything with six inches of hair. (Not even a toupee, which I had suggested.)

Hair reveal pictures to come later this week.

Try to contain yourselves.

Gossip Girl

And now, more Army Green and Leather pieces that are fantastic!

Four.  Langford Market, where the entire store is currently 50%. Vest not available online but perhaps you can hunt down in store?.


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