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Behind The Scenes at MD Anderson

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in a project MD Anderson is working on. Allow me to take you behind the scenes of what all this entailed.
The morning started with a photoshoot which obviously was amazing. It was super cold out but that's what we models do, you know? I know my model colleagues over at Sports Illustrated (Gisele, etc.) do their swimwear shoots in frigid ocean temperatures. It's just part of the business and honestly, we love it.

We also took some shots inside. Please note the woman in this photo (denoted with an arrow) who was having a conversation on her cell phone in the middle of the shoot.  She was probably like "who does this girl think she is and what is she doing with her eyes?"
Answer: Smizing. I was smizing. Okay lady? Just go back to talking on your phone.

Here are some of the shots from yesterday;
Who gets you the pictures back just hours after the shoot? Seriously! Once MDA is done with this cancer business they should get into the photography game.

And then began the video portion.
I was interviewed by MD Anderson's beautiful Communication Specialist, Lucy Richardson, and shot by camera man John. (He was beautiful too.)

I had to answer all of Lucy's questions in full sentences. So if she said, "what was the toughest part of having cancer?"  I'd have to answer "The toughest part of having cancer was ...." 
It was exactly how EVERY reality TV show shoots their confessionals and therefore an amazing experience.

Lucy asked me a bunch of questions;  What I'll tell Macy one day about cancer prevention, what advice I have for newly diagnosed patients, how I feel when I return to MDA now, etc.   

I actually wasn't very happy with how I did. I wasn't as articulate as I thought I'd be or wanted to be. Part of that is hopefully just me. I'm never satisfied with anything I do in life and its exhausting. Lucy assured me, however, she got ample sound bytes.

Here I'm exemplifying the maturity and poise that got me asked to participate in this project in the first place.

And that y'all pretty much sums up my day. After this I went to the cafeteria for lunch and had a turkey wrap. There are no pictures of that however, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

While we're on the topic of MD Anderson, I have a few guest posts coming up on their blog. One is about Macy and the other is called What to expect during your first mammogram. (Fellas, keep an eye out for that one.)

Jokes aside I love MD Anderson and am HONORED to be a part of whatever they have going on. Thanks MD Anderson (especially you Luce) for having me! This is how we do.

P.S. If you're interested in learning more about my cancer drama, go to my Topics Page and click on "cancer."  Additionally if you have specific questions about cancer, MDA, or I suppose anything else - email me with "FAQ" in the subject line and I'll post the answer on my FAQ page.

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