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This weekend Danny, the baby, the dog, and I road tripped to the cosmopolitan metropolis* of Mobile, Alabama.Thankfully Mobile was not our final destination (no offense Mobile readers) but rather the central meeting point where we'd be meeting my Dad who was coming from Florida. (Pronounced Flow-rida.)
*extreme sarcasm.
The next day, Danny headed back to Houston while the baby, dog, and I headed for Florida with my Dad. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's check out some of the road shots from Houston to Mobile.

Booker in a hotel.

During the Mobile-to-Florida leg of the trip, when we were just 5 hours away from my Dad's house, his car decided to go to shit. (Neat.) That resulted in he, I, the baby, and the dog stranded at a Ford Lincoln dealership in a town called Ocala. Never heard of it? Me either.

And because that wasn't special enough, my Dad eventually left me alone on the premises to go see about a rental car. While my baby cried and my dog went wild, I sat in this Ocala dealership and reflected on life. Photo documentation of this moment is below.

Booker had free reign of the dealership, not because they were dog friendly but because he has not been trained properly. Who has time to train their dog these days?

Anyway, we eventually did make it to my Dad's house.

But it was a bitch getting there.

The End.

P.S. HUGE congrats to my friend Lucy (who you guys know from herehere). She got engaged over the weekend! Congrats Lucy & John! This is how we do!

P.S.S. In an interesting turn of events, my cousin Brenna just texted me to say that John Travolta & Kelly Preston actually live in Ocala, Florida. Ha! Weird! Who knew? Loved you in Grease John!

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