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Sunset Party

This weekend my Dad brought my cousin, Kim, and I to a "sunset party". Sunset parties are basically how they sound - parties centered around watching the sunset. Context clues people, use them.
My Dad, Kim, the baby, and I went to the beach prior to the party officially began, hoping to score some rays. Unfortunately it wasn't super warm out, nor was it very sunny which is apparent in these photos as we're all looking pretty albino.

(Macy) with my cousin, Kimmy, who avid Greetings from Texas readers might recall from here & here

Kimmy, my Dad, and I - just one big, happy, albino family....
*Note We're Irish which is responsible for the translucent skin tone.

And though the weather disappointed, the party did not. I gotta say, my Dad's friend really know how to get down. (Literally! Some of them were grinding to the music that permeated the scene.) 

Other party highlights included a dolphin spotting, a Crysal Light/Vodka concoction, and meeting my Dad's friends. There was Randy - an engineer who schooled me on Obama Care. Mary Anne, a nurse who gave me a free consult on Macy. And last but not least, Mike, a Parrot Head, who told me this joke;

Monica Lewinsky was getting dressed one morning while standing naked in front of her mirror. .
"Dear God" she prayed. "Please help me out with these love handles. I really hate them, as does Bill."
And just like that, her ears were gone.
Bahaha! See? Mike was great.
A pretty sunset for a pretty baby.
(Who, btw, is wearing a Rocawear onesie. I thought that warranted mentioning. HOV.)
 I let Macy borrow my fedora to give her a more comprehensive urban look.
 Sunset Parties. I highly recommend them.

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