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One. Joie Flat Black Sandal | Two. Joie Textured Black Sandal  Three. Joie A la Plage Flat Sandal   Four. Steve Madden Black Multi Sandal  Five. Joie Nice - Mint Sandal  Six. Joie - Nice White Sandal

First things first, this post has actually been designed to be read with this song, so why don't you go ahead and get that cued up. Turns out, I'm not just a blogger, but a DJ as well.

Now that we got that squared away, let's get down to business. Sandals. Flip Flops. Whatever you want to call 'em - 'tis the season. It's warming up in Texas (and Florida where I'm currently writing this post from) and I need a new pair of sandals to elevate my game. My Target ones left over from last season aren't going to cut it - especially since I'm missing the right one.

I've narrowed my future sandal down to these six. (Five of them being Joie - a brand I recently discovered and dig.)

Which one gets your vote? 

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