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The Upside Of Having Cancer

The project I worked on last week with MD Anderson (which you can read more about here)  is complete and ready for the eyes of the world wide web. Yikes.

I've watched each of the videos a few times now (there's six in total, the links for the others are below) and it's still surreal and emotional each time. I still can't believe I had cancer. Or have a baby.

I hope somewhere out there, deep in the depths of the internet, there is someone (a girl in her late 20's perhaps....who likes fashion!) who's recently been diagnosed and finds what I'm saying encouraging. That would make me happy.

Here are the other five videos we made;
*Note. These five videos are embedded in the one above. Watch for a pop-up box that will automatically take you to them.

P.S. If anyone has questions about my cancer, MD Anderson, or anything else, email me with FAQ in the subject line & I'll post the answers on my FAQ page.
P.P.S. Cancer interested parties can also click on "cancer" on my topics page, as there's more information about my story there.

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