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Dog Beach

The Silianoff vacay in Florida continued over the weekend and included a trip to the dog beach.
We knew we were off to a rough start when to even get to the actual beach, you had to cross a huge puddle, which Booker refused to do.

 The result of that looked like this;

And though Booker chilled with some other dogs for a minute and chased a ball once or twice - he never embraced the ocean.

For those of you just tuning into this post now, we're talking about how we drove 45 minutes for Booker to stand in a half centimeter of water.
Macy was as disinterested in the ocean as Booker. She slept through the entire outing.
Oh well. At  least Danny got an opportunity to wear his Wu-Tang shirt.
Interested in your own Wu-Tang shirt? Here a few options for you;
And that wraps up our trip to the dog beach. I hope you enjoyed learning about it more than Booker did experiencing it.
And now - the comments!

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