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Jigga Babies, Part One

Welcome to a two-part blog post, entitled Jigga Babies. *Named for the Jigga Man himself obviously.
After my friend Allyson recently bought #3 for Macy, I was inspired to see what other Jay Z baby gear I could find via the internets. Peruse my findings & return tomorrow to see Macy do some Jigga Baby outfit postin. HOV.

Item Notes;

One.  How did I not know this CD existed? Don't worry, I've made up for lost time. In addition to getting Macy one, I picked up extras for my expecting friends. Kristin, Lydia, Jessica Simpson - you're welcome!

Two.  Rocawear boy bibs!

Three.  I plan to buy six more of these (in diff colors) obviously so that Macy can wear one everyday of the week.

Four . Jay is chillin; 'Ye is chillin!

Five. Macy Carter has this onesie too! Thanks Bonnie! The pink logo is precious and delicate so she still be feminine while paying homage to the person she was named for!

What do you guys think? I created a one-stop-shop for you next baby shower, no?

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