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The Artist formerly known as Megan

This weekend I channeled my inner artist in the name of my friend, Lucy, who had a birthday soiree at Pinot's Palette, a place whose tag line is "paint, drink, have fun." Kudos to them for the great tag line.
"What is art? Are we art? Is art art?" - Lisa Turtle, Saved by the Bell

This is Lucy. She and I actually met through blogging as Lucy manages MD Anderson's blog, Cancerwise. Lucy and I share a passion for MD Anderson and going to bed extremely early. We also have a shared interest in spray tans.

Looking Good Luce.

Alright. Enough's enough. Let's do this. 

And after....

That just happened....

Fine. This is my real painting.

People at The me!

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Who's been to Pinot's Palette before? Good stuff, right? Happy Birthday Luce!


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