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Back to School Outfit Post

My subconscious must know it's back to school time because I realized after getting dressed yesterday, my outfit looked very academic.

Photography - Paige Budde

In fact, this shirt I'm wearing is not too far off from the one I wore in my high school senior picture which you can see here.

Perhaps you're thinking, whose house is that? Is that Meg's house? Ironically the person inside the house was likely thinking, who the hell is on my porch? I'm calling the police.

Here I attempt to do the whole sexy librarian shtick. Attempt being the operative word. Fun fact! I could never be a librarian because I don't understand the Dewy Decimal system. I find it very very confusing.

Team Lankford!
Meet the two hot Chiquitas I work with at Rebecca Lankford.

Kaylor (in black) was our intern for the summer. Sadly she really is going back to school (Texas A&M) next week.

Paige Budde (in white, and again, the photographer for this shoot) recently joined Team Lankford. Paige and I were friends first and took our relationship to the next level by working with one another. Next step? We might start dating. 

For more outtakes from this shoot, including me chasing down a Fed Ex Truck, check out the Greetings from Texas Facebook page.

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