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Kollabora Par-tay

I'm  baccckkkkk. I was in Austin over the weekend for some Texas Style Council festivities and spoiler alert - it was a good time. Sunday I hosted the Kollabora "DIY camp" with the hotties below;
From left to right: (Linda),  (Kirsten), Muah, & (Indiana)
P.S. (Langford Market) sponsored the outfit I'm wearing which I'm mildly obsessed with. Thanks Langford Market!

Here I am making bracelets with new friends Meredith and Tessie.


So excited my friend (Lauren) came to the soiree. Check out her new Etsy shop, (The Festive Fox) - it's way cool. Promise.

A few more shots from the weekend;

(Texas Style Council's) full out conference is going to be the first weekend of August and after hearing Indiana's direction for the event - it's going to be really cool. Save the date blogger friends!

Who's planning on coming to TXSC in August?

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  1. Ahh! There is the girl I was talking about in my comment before - my sister, Tessie! We will have to make a sisterly trip to the TXSC in August! See you there!


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