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I'm starting a new series today! I didn't know that when I began editing this little curation, but soon into the process I realized it'd be fun to occasionally have my friends tell us what they're up to as well.

But for now it's still all about me. =) Check out the detes below!

WEARING - I'm wearing this Urban number at some point during this weekend's festivities. The cut outs are high enough that I can fake having a good stomach. (It comes in different colors too! Check it out here!)

WORKING - I GOT A JOB y'all! Details on that soon enough but I'm excited!

WAITING - I have a feature coming up on the Houston Wedding blog!

WISHING -  Stripes AND black 'n white? That's like my ultimate. I WISH this Asos dress was mine. 

READING - This book was rec'd in the latest issue of my Elle Magazine. It's about three sisters, their lives, and their intertwined drama.

P.S. Don't forget to come to Sunday's Kollabora party I'm co-hosting with Kir, LindaIndiana, and Valerie at Stella says Go. Detes are here!

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