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Sunday Morning

I was unexpectedly in Chicago this week and though I was in town for a sad reason, (the passing of an elderly uncle), Sunday morning was surprisingly perfect. Nothing happened per se, quite the contrary actually. The simplicity of it the morning is what made it so special; it was just time spent with people I love making breakfast, reading the Wall Street Journal (fashion section!), laying on the couch, and loving on the dogs.
Maybe it's because I live in Texas now -  far away from my family. Or perhaps I was extra sentimental given the imminent wake the afternoon held in store. But I was happy and appreciating the moment as it was occurring.
Here's just a few pics.
Um, that's a real dog. He's a mini goldendoodle puppy named Jake.
Macy with her Uncle Kelly.

Straight chillin.

Henry, a minigolden doodle puppy all grown up, and Aunt Kathy.

Macy trying out her new bath seat.

RIP Sweet Uncle Leo.

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