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An Interview with Katy Atlas of Sugarlaws

Allow me to introduce Katy Atlas of Sugarlaws. When you peruse Katy's blog, which is an equal mix of fashion and food, Katy comes off as a smiley, bubbly, passionate girl. When you meet her in person - she's the very same way. Katy spoke on a Houston Blogger Symposium panel last year and I found her to be very sweet, which is ironic, because that's the exact tagline for her blog - "living sweetly."
It was especially fun to interview Katy because she's a fellow Houstonian y'all! I've already made reservations at her favorite restaurants and hired a babysitter so I can hit up what she calls the "best consignment store in Houston." Enough from me though - read Katy's interview below and then hop over to her blog for which I completely vouch.
Katy Atlas of Sugarlaws
Katy Atlas


City Of Residence:
Houston, TX

Fave Places to Eat in Houston:
Katsuya - I love the layout of the restaurant, the atmosphere, the food, (and the cocktails!) are delicious.

Benjy's - Amazing food, with a constantly changing menu that focuses on local, in-season ingredients. It's so delicious and our favorite Saturday night spot!

Fave Places to Shop in Houston:
The Galleria - (Even though parking is always the worst part!) Houston has such an incredible selection of stores you can only find in a few cities around the world. I love drooling over pieces at YSL and Prada, and then heading to Saks, Neiman's, and Zara for the counterparts in my budget. =)

The Little Bird - Incredible consignment pieces at really reasonable prices - and the layout is like an upscale boutique and really beautiful. They just opened when I moved to Houston, and its seriously amazing (in a city with great consignment stores, it's by far the best.)

T.J. Maxx on West Gray - Houston's TJ Maxx stores are BANANAS. In the past year, I've found a Celine box bag, a Stella McCartney chain bag, an Alice and Olivia dress, Celine blazer, and countless other amazing pieces. There was even a coral-pink Celine leather jacket that I passed up and will basically dream about every night now, forever.

Describe your blog in 5 Words or Less:
Living Sweetly.

What do you enjoy about being a blogger? What are the more cumbersome parts or things you struggle with?
There are almost too many great things to count! When I started Sugarlaws, I didn't even have an inkling of all the ways it would ultimately change my life. From the amazing experiences I've had to all the incredible people I've met through blogging, I'm grateful every single day to be doing it. Obviously there are some cons (I get stressed about deadlines, things falling through, and just generally about keeping my content fresh and current) but they really do pale compared to all the wonderful things.

Three blogs you read religiously:
Greetings from Texas (obviously)

Atlantic Pacific (obviously) - I'm not sure this qualifies as a blog but I love XKCD which is this hilarious online cartoon blog about math and science and internet stuff that I totally adore. (Yes, big dork. But it's awesome.)

Favorite Rapper:
I'm a little mortified by this, but I really like Eminem.

*Note from Megan - Don't be mortified Katy- Eminem is the bomb! Thanks for the interview. See you at Katsuya!! (Why have I never been there??!?) Head on over to Sugarlaws everyone and check it out!

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