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Best Invention Ever

There's been some great inventions over time. Some of my particular favorites include the television, coffee, the shake weight, and swim up bars.  This portable phone charger is on the short list as well.

My phone is perpetually dead, always at the most inconvenient times. At the airport for example - when I need to call Danny and be like "I'm walking out now" - but I can't because my phone is dead. So I just sit under the Southwest sign, hoping he'll happen to circle round...and an hour goes by and he doesn't.....and then I have to ask a stranger to use their phone and that's awkward...and then Danny, alas, finds me and he's pissed and wants a divorce....and blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - the whole thing is just exhausting....

But that's all in the past folks cuz now I have this handy little charger!!! I just charge it on my computer and keep it in my purse for emergencies. It's from Uncommon Goods and its the shit!

Anyone feel me???


  1. I love these! I definitely need to get one. The designs are so cute.

  2. I have these I buy them from Marshalls or TJ Maxx they need the iphone 5 option

  3. they need to make them for the iphone5 for sure!!!

    come check out m blog! I currently have a giveaway going on!! :)


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