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Jonathan Adler's Houston Store Opening

Danny and I had the pleasure of attending Jonathan Adler's store opening party earlier this week! We couldn't have been any more excited to be there - though for very different reasons. I was SO EXCITED to see Jonathan where as Danny's excitement revolved around a passed hor'dourve they were serving - some sort of upscale play on a BLT. He housed like 8 of them. The waiter was trying to hide from him - it was all very embarrassing. Yet still overall - such a great time!!!

Here we are just being social and mingling with other party goers.

Jonathan Adler stores have so much personality. The walls in this Houston location were adorned with fun quotes; three of which are below. I took the liberty of putting my own commentary on them because this is my blog and I can do that.

Though a lot of party goers were going up to Jonathan to say hello and geting a pic, I was too scared. Which is why Danny and I creatively staged these instead;

One of Jonathan's handlers? bodyguards? store employees? noticed our obvious antics and was like "uh, do you want your picture with Jonathan?" and orchestrated the whole thing for me.

Aw, aren't we cute??
Danny and I actually got to chat a bit  with Jonathan as well. I told him that I was obsessed with his boyfriend, Simon, who I'd seen speak at Lucky Fabb last year. Other topics of conversation included Chicago, Houston, and how nerdy Danny's job is - one of my favorite topics of conversation!!!

P.S. For my fellow Houstonians, Jonathan's store is at West Ave in River Oaks. If you go, buy me this pillow for Macy's nursery why don't you? Cool, thanks.

Any fellow Jonathan enthusiasts? Talk to me people!


  1. I love him!!!!! SO jealous of your life Megan. You seriously get to do the coolest stuff. Can't wait to hear the details!! XO

  2. HI. I AM YOUR INSANELY JEALOUS FRIEND!!!!!!!!!! This is so awesome. Also, I think Danny should buy you that pillow. Just sayin.

  3. That's so awesome!! I'm super jealous. I would have done the same thing with the picture, haha

  4. Pot. Legal. Ha! Can't fool me.



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