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I had the pleasure of attending a Kate Spade soiree last night, celebrating both their 20th anniversary and new fragrance, Live Color Fully. My hot date for the evening was my neighbor Anna and spoiler alert - we had a FANTASTIC TIME!

See? The double fisting is telling of all the fun I'm having..and my heading this morning. Also - how amazing is this dressing room?
Anna and me.
In honor of their 20th anniversary, Kate Spade partnered with a winery in California and had this bubbly specially made just for them! Just for this party! Such ballers. Well played Kate Spade.

And not only were the libations delish - the food was as well. How cute is this little guy?

And then there were these! Orgasmic y'all - grilled cheese and green tomato sandwiches. So so good! I even got Danny, that chef extraordinaire of mine, to agree to recreate them this weekend. I'll take pics & post the recipe on the blog next week. Everyone wins!
In all honesty, Kate Spade is new to my radar. I had an inkling that they were the real deal after watching a recent episode of It's a Brad Brad World. (Anyone with me? The one where he goes to Abu Dhabi!!!) But after being in the store last night - yikes. I'm a fan! There wasn't one item in the store that I wouldn't wear! Upon speaking with Kate's team last night and reading this NY Times article this morning, I've learned that my double take of the brand is a result of Deborah Lloyd's (Kate Spade's Creative Director & President) calculated efforts.  
And now -  I've taken it upon myself to curate my Kate Spade faves for your perusing pleasure. Enjoy!

Note* that Iphone case is on sale people!


  1. I could eat approximately 12 of those cheese burgers right now.

  2. I'm so jealous - I wish I could have gone with you guys!!!

  3. Seriously, you didn't know about Kate Spade? Have I taught you nothing? She is one of my absolute favorites. Love her bags and her china is amazing!

    1. I've always known the line- I just didn't think I was necessarily a fan....that's no longer the case.

  4. That mug... I may or may not be eating cake for breakfast right now. Oops.


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