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Mother's Day with the Silianoffs

We've officially began the Mother Day's count down - you have 16 days to get your mom a gift, less for those of you need to incorporate time for shipping. Here's how it's gonna go down in our household;
1. For my mom - Jcrew Vintage Pajama Set

2. For Danny's mom - This print brought to you by Lacy Stroessner & Jennifer Laber. It features a quote by Julia Child's instructor at the Le Cordon Bleu. (But his words are also fitting for motherhood.) Half of the sale proceeds will be donated to the Edna Adan University Hospital in Somaliland which makes me the like it even more.
3. For Macy's mom (a.k.a. me) - Is it nerdy that I want this wrapping paper organizer? I don't care. I want it.
*If you don't know who Macy is, educate yourself here.
4. For Booker's mom (a.k.a. me again!!!) - I feel like this Topshop Swimsuit could be key to looking sexy this summer by the pool....maybe - I'd have to try it on. But I have a good feeling about it. Plus it'd hide my scars from the sun which is always something I need to get better about. (Watch my video about scars here.)
*If you don't know who Booker is, educate yourself here.
5. YOUR Mamma! I love a good "your mamma" joke and what better time of year than Mothers Day to recite some of the classics. My personal favorite is the age old "your momma so fat she sat on a rainbow and skittles came out."
I actually just called Danny at work to see what his favorite "your momma" joke was and he was like "honey, I have a job. I'm literally in a meeting right now" but before I had time to protest he goes "Your momma so fat when she bought a water bed, she ordered size tsunami." Ha! Love that guy.

    What's your favorite "your mamma" joke? Leave it in the comments below.



  1. ummm that swim suit is so cute. hopefully we do not have plans to vacation together this summer. i would hate if we both showed up wearing it.

  2. I love that Danny attempted to play the Busy, Working Husband card and then busted out a Your Mama joke. ;)

  3. The only one I can think of is "Your momma is so fat, when she sits around the house, she sits AROUND the house!"

  4. Omgahhh that swimsuit is so cute!

  5. Yo Momma so dirty, she uses Dr. Scholl Odor Eaters for panty liners.

    Gotta love the "Ew" factor!

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  7. You do realize it's "Yo Momma" jokes right? Not "Your momma" LMAO....


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