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Welcome (to my) Home

We've been in our new house for almost two months now and though it will be a work in progress for years to come, I've almost got the library finished. (Library, den, whatever. Calling it a library sound ways way more baller.) Part of what makes the room feel complete is something you can barely see in this photo so scroll down, will you?

There we go. Much better. A while ago Danny and I were shopping in Dallas and I found these tab-a-lets where you could spell anything out that you wanted. Because the shop was out of most of the letters and I literally could not buy a vowel (ha!) I took to the internet.
Presto had what I was looking for and with a little bit of twine left over from The Houston Blogger Symposium I became the next Martha Stewart. (Jail time pending.) In addition to spelling out "welcome home", I eventually want to purchase enough letters to display Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and of course my personal mantra, "this is how we do."


What else would be cool to spell out? Suggestions please!


  1. Don't forget "I love you" for those days when it must be shouted from the rooftops. ;-) Love your place, Megan!

  2. How cute! I've found that this fireplace and bookcase combination is pretty popular in Houston but I've never seen a cute way to style it until now and with Darby's! (Life with the Hawleys) So cute!

  3. Super cute with the letters! I think it would be fun for parties to have "pants optional!" Or for those uninvited house guests that knock on your door, "GTFO!" The posssibilities are endless! :)

  4. I posted from my phone, but it's not here. I love this room! I can't believe you pulled it together this fast with a baby & unpacking & other things. We always have the Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary signs that we pulled out of the drawer. Or, if you have a party & an early morning, "party ends at 10pm." And for now, the letters are up high enough that the baby won't eat them. I can't wait to see the other rooms.


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