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 Just to keep all of you on your toes, I've decided to appear on The Everygirl today. The feature that I'm in is called "7 Ways to Style Hair for Every Summer Occasion" and I was honored to model "the morning commute" look. (Which is ironic given I work from home. Trust me when I say my hair doesn't look good during the trek from my bed to my office. It actually tends to resemble the look I have going at the end of this post. ) Anyway, the sideknot stylist Lindsey Kidd did on my hair was super cool and something I'll definitely be re-creating not just in the summer but all seasons.

Here are the rest of the looks - pop over to The Everygirl and check 'em out!
*Thanks to Allyson Fulcher for inviting me to be a part of the feature, Paige Budde for photography, Lindsey Kidd for hair, & Natalie Laine for makeup.


  1. CUTE!!!! Love how easy it is... as implied by the "morning commute" name... Although I promise I will not get it to look like this... hair styling skills pretty much skip every generation in my family.

  2. So cute! I totally just went to the site and I must try the summer beach headband style. I think it will work with my shorter hair!

  3. I've been trying to do that for an hour to no avail.
    Let's just be best friends and hang out and you can do it for me.
    (There's that creepiness again...this time sans sleep aids.)

  4. You look HOT mama! I'm interested to see how this plays out with my slippery hair haha

    - applewood road

  5. Congrats on the feature! You look amazing! I also love the hairstyle. I'm not sure my hair is long enough to do that but I'm definitely going to give it a try!

  6. Love this! Always looking for easy hairstyles to tame my crazy hair during the week. Thanks for sharing!


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