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Blogs to Books - a workshop presented at Texas Style Council

Full disclosure - I'm exhausted!!!!! But only because this weekend was so amazing, as it always is. Texas Style Council is 300 person attended social media conference specific to female bloggers. (And businesses & brands wanting to work with bloggers.) This year I presented a workshop at the event with the fabulous Becky Murphy. Both Becky and I used our blogging platforms as a stepping stone to getting our books published which was our presentation was all about - "Blogs to Books; how to navigate from one to another".

Becky and I did our best to keep the workshop informational but also light and fun. 

And below don't ask me why, but I appear to be flexing?!? I guess I don't present all that often. Are you not supposed to flex?

Below is an actual slide from our presentation. Dave to helped us count down the "Top Ten" ways to navigate from "blog" to "book".

Without further ado, I'm going to direct you over to Becky's blog post where she'll have the rough transcript/resources that we covered in yesterday's  workshop. Our session was also videotaped and can be watched for free - details on that to come.

P.S. All photography from this post courtesy of Miss Haley Schruben
P.P.S. Becky Murphy, I love the shit out of you. I hope we can be best friends.
P.P.P.S. Speaking of books, you should buy mine here! And pre-order Becky's book here.

P.P.P.P.S. Thank you to Langford Market you sponsored Becky and my wardrobe throughout the conference. Muchas Muchas Gracias!


  1. Yes, Megan. We will be and already are best friends. This is so good! You were da best prezenter.

  2. So happy I can watch this on video! I ended up going to New York because my friend's play made a festival, so there is someone out in blogland already counting the days to the next TXsc! (Me!!)

  3. Wish I could have been there to support! Love you girls!

  4. So interesting and uplifting! YAY for amazing presentations this weekend. I saw you speak but I will totally be watching the video again.


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