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Houston vs. Chicago

Back-to-back trips to my former city of Chicago have sparked many comparisons in my head. While I'll never declare a formal winner, I'll say this - I think Chicago is a better "city" but I think Houston might provide a better quality of life. Allow me to explain.

Cost of Housing - I love our house and I don't know that we'd be able to afford anything comparable in Chicago unless we moved to the boonies.
Donuts - Shipley's Donuts. Need I say more? (Though DD still beats them on their coffee!)
Sun! - The sun is always out in Houston, not to mention I don't miss the lonnngggggggggggg, gray, bitter cold winters.

Public Transportation - Chicago is a dense city that is easy to navigate with the help of cabs, the el, Metra, & Amtrack. Houston is not an easy city to get around, especially when you want to drink and therefore can't drive.
Pizza - While there are two good pizza places in Houston (here & here), they don't deliver and even if they did, we don't live super close to them. In terms of delivery, Dominos & Papa Johns are seriously our best options. Yikes.
Cockroaches - So sick. Extermination is a cost you have to figure into your living expenses and even then you still encounter the little bastards in the summer.

Who has thoughts? Any takers?


  1. I would take sun over cold, pizza over donuts, cockroaches over nothing, and anything over where I live right now. So, basically, I am no help. Let's all move to Southern California!

  2. I don't know what area you live in, but both Star pizza and Pinks deliver :)

  3. I'm from Mke but live in Houston - so I'm feelin' your comparisons. I HATE cockroaches - I've seen so many - big, baby, medium. Can you handle this much sun? I'm starting to miss snow cuz it's so hot here.

    Also - you have to check out River Oaks Donuts - they're new and AMAZING. Coffee is from Houston too - yum!!

  4. I was born in Chicago but moved to Houston when I was 8 or 9. By now I'm more Texan than anything but I totally feel ya! Houston SERIOUSLY lacks in the public transportation area! But I'll take hot summers and AC over those bitter winters any day.

  5. I absolutely can't stand the cockroaches down here! ESPECIALLY the flying variety. yuckkk.

  6. There is nothing that is better than Shipley's, though River Oaks filled donut holes are also amazing. Ugh and why can't this dumb city figure out public transportation?

  7. I'm so sad I didn't get to meet you during TXSC! I'm totes ordering your book, I love your vibe and blog! Will you be doing any events in Austin to promote the book later on? Xx
    -Lauren M

  8. I've been an avid Shipley's fan since birth but Monday I came across some devastating news that's making me rethink my life choices: :(

    As for pizza, Palazzo's has been a favorite of mine for years.


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