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As I've mentioned before, I freelance for the coolest vintage store in all of Houston and just the world in general. I primarily just maintain the Cheeky Vintage website, social media, and some press stuff but this week I spearheaded a "blogger soiree" that we hosted for some of Houston's top style & fashion bloggers.
An hour before the soiree kicked off, my interns and I tried to assemble a "pink carpet" outside the store. It was much more of a grueling/awful task than I anticipated - especially since we were all in heels and it was 90+ degrees outside.

We finally got it though! Here I am on the "pink carpet" with Lauren Mills (from Sunday Beach).
And here I am mingling.
 I conceptualized a contest going for the party in which everyone had to style an outfit, model it, and upload it to Cheeky's Instagram. Cheeky owners, Denise & Tina, later picked Haley from Style Sound as the winner! Props to Hailey!
 We also had a photobooth which was great fun as photobooths always are.
From left to right; MirandaKaty, and me!
More photobooth pics but this time I'm molting.
Right: Me, Shalanda, & Lauren   Left: Haley and Paige Budde

Talk about two cool woman! I want to be just like them when I grow up!
 Cheeky Vintage Owners, Denise Hazen (left) and Tina Davis (right).
This is how we do.
      Left to right: Meg, Whitney, Me, and Miranda.
*All photography from this post was taken by the evening's photographer, Paige Budde.


  1. Awesome recap! I really loved thos photos!!!

  2. Such an excellent mingler! Also thank you for cutting my awkward self out of that picture, I owe you.

    Thanks again for throwing such a kick ass event that makes me want to spend my whole paycheck on vintage clothes, you're a gem.

  3. You look like Carmen Sandiego with that first photobooth pic!

  4. Thanks for throwing an amazing party! When's the next one? Haha :)

  5. It was so much fun meeting all you adorable bloggers! Thank you Megan for planning such a festive event and thank you Paige for all the great pics to remember it by! xoxo


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