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Last Night's Book Signing - Chicago

Last night was a whirlwind! I was blown away by everyone who stopped by.

 I was especially excited to see my Augustana college roommates Kendra (left) and Elizabeth (right.)

My high school friends Peter (left) and Brett (right) also came. I think they were slightly more excited by the Playboy book at Eskell than mine. To be fair, both books have a lot content about boobs.. Either way - I love Brett and Pete and love that they came.

Left: My Aunt Debbie & Uncle Carl  Right: My friends from way back when (when I used to live in Galesburg, IL) - Kelly and Megan.
Kari and Anne-Marie thought they were funny for taking this pic but I think I'm funnier for posting it on my blog.

So fun that all my college friends showed up. I'll be seeing more of them Friday at our monthly book club, which I'm sure means you'll be seeing more of them as well.  (This month's book? 99 Problems but a Baby Ain't One of course!)

Left: Tara, Me, and my life long buddy Ashley      Right: Jer and I
This picture is especially exciting because not only do you get to meet my friends Sarah and Chuck, but Macy's future husband, Charlie. The dowry has yet to be fully confirmed upon but I'm thinking a few goats, a few gift cards to Chanel, maybe an ipad and we should be good to go.
Left to right: My brother, me, and KAILEYYYYY!!!!!
Me and my bff Julianna.... though a real bff would have came and found me when this secret, backroom champagne business was going on. Rude.
THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who came - whether you were my friend or a Greetings from Texas reader - it was surreal evening that I'll never forget. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thanks to Eskell for hosting and thanks to my cousin Anne-Marie for not only taking the majority of these pics but keeping me on track last night and where I needed to be. I can always count on you.
And now - SO MANY more pics on the Greetings From Texas Facebook page. Check 'em out now by clicking here.


  1. I spy The Bongo Room. I'm always in Chicago the weekend before or after you (stalker alert). Sad I missed this!

  2. For those that haven't bought and read this book it's amazing! No I'm not a critic and yes I might be biased but that's not why I loved this book. It's life, real life, not some happily ever after story. Yes in the end happiness came out of a lot of pain. Megan is an " open book." She tells everything and leaves out nothing. The most prominent moral that I saw is it's necessary to find the humor in tragedies. But those
    hardships made her and Danny stronger. They changed the lives of everyone around them, especially little Macy. Thanks Meg for writing this and know that you've changed my life. Congrats on your book and double congrats on Macy!


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