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Last Night's Book Signing

Last night's book signing = fun times! Here are some pics from the evening.

Just a few male models that stopped by the signing; Rocket (left) and Brad (right.)

Left: Co-owner of Cheeky Vintage, Denise Hazen Right: Charlotte Kormash (left) and Greetings from Texas readers that need to become friends.

From left to right; Me, Meg, Kaitlyn

Left: Thee Paige Budde    Right: Haley
These are my friends Jill and Jer, who if you read the book, you'll learn more about on page 62. 

Left: Paige  Right: Megan Strange

Such a special night! Thanks a million to Brazos Bookstore for having me! (Where you can still purchase my book!)
Next stop - Chicago! I'll be there THIS COMING MONDAY (the 12th) at Eskell Boutique in Wicker Park from 6-8pm!
Have a good weekend everyone! I plan to spend it laying on the couch and hopefully making it to the movie theatre to see The Bling Ring!  XO, Megan


  1. ohhhhh LOVED the bling ring! If you have time, watch pretty wild on netflix. And then read all about them afterward (obviously this is what I did) and it turns out both girls were on black tar heroin the entire time they filmed and weren't even living at the house. They were faking it and only modeling to keep up their 10,000 a week drug habit.

  2. So awesome! It looks like it was a huge success. Congrats, Megan! Wish I still lived in Houston so I could have been there!

  3. Congrats Megan! I'm a loyal Greetings reader and Houston Symposium attendee who just never comments...until now! Wish I could have made it last night, but I got tied up at work. It looks like it was a major success! Will definitely be picking up the book this weekend at Brazos or Amazon.

  4. Was so good to meet you! I read the entire book on the drive to Shreveport today, and now I am sad that it is over. You are hilarious and I am telling everyone I know to buy the book ASAP.

  5. When I get my paycheck, I'm ordering your book. :) I'm really excited to read it. You're awesome.
    Lauren M

  6. I wish I could've been there, but it looked like a great event! Congrats Megan!


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