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10. There's going to be booze there. Specifically, champagne.
9. There's potentially going to be cupcakes there if I don't run out of time. As of right now, you're looking at 50/50 odds.
8. Parking can be tough Brazos. If there are no spaces in the parking lot, you can park in the gravel lot across the street behind "Shoe Savers". That is free & open parking. 
7. I will be giving a presentation of my book at 7pm sharp. That said, I've yet to think about, plan, or write any notes for this respective presentation.
6. Booze! Champagne! Booze! Champagne!
5. Brazos Bookstore is located right next to a Buffalo Exchange - a store that I deeply love and respect. If I'm late to the signing, it's because I'm killing it at Buffalo Exchange.
4. Prior to the signing, I am getting my hair blown out at Styling Bar in Rice Village and I'm really looking forward to it.
3. The blowout was actually a GROUPON deal I purchased months ago. Good looking out Groupon!
2. If you can't make it to Brazos right at 7pm - no worries. We'll be there until 8pm or later.
1. If you can't make the signing tonight, at all, my book will be on sale at Brazos for weeks to come - so you can always pick one up this weekend, next week, etc.
See you tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I feel like an awful friend because I won't be able to make it tonight because of a work commitment that came up last week. (Founder of The Woodlands passed away, so we're having the memorial tribute here) I hope everything goes amazing tonight and I still want to buy a signed copy of that book!

  2. Pumped for champs... and you, I guess.


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