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Occupational Hazard

 It was just a matter of time.
Three weeks to be exact.
I, Megan Elizabeth Silianoff, exercised my employee discount at Langford Market. Not to be confused with exercised, in general, as I haven't done that in ages.
Here I am struttin in my prized purchase - the camo jacket. Though when I showed this picture to Danny he started laughing and said I looked like Big Foot. I thought he was super rude, especially since I only wear size 7,  but then he showed me the picture of Big Foot and we're, indeed, twins.
I plain to pair my camo jacket with super feminine pieces to juxtapose the butchness of the look. For example, here I've accessorized with a silk, black, mildly slutty camisole and red nail polish.....which I've heard is how the guys in Afghanistan are wearing them.
Want to be my twin? Chicago, Austin, Houston, The Woodlands, Memphis, Vegas, and Merrifield, Virginia all have Langford Markets. If that doesn't help you, this should.

P.S. My friend Becky's book came out yesterday!! So good!

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  1. You and Danny crack my shit up!
    hahahaha You look awesome! and Yes I see why he said that!


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