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I snuck off to NYC for a long weekend. I've returned exhausted yet rejuvenated as only at trip to NYC has the ability to do. Pictures from my trip, along with my extensive celebrity sightings, are below.
Celebrity Sightings
- Miss Cameron Hebb, the producer/lead in Keeping Abreast - the play that instigated my trip in the first place, as Cameron is my Dad's girlfriend's daughter once removed. Just kidding - she's not once removed. (But maybe she is because I actually don't know what that means.) In all seriousness though, Cameron is super cool and talented. I'm saying that because it's true but also because I want to be her date to the Emmys when she is inevitably invited. Family(ish) first, okay Cam?
-SARAH SILVERMAN!!!!! Sarah Silverman berated my Dad and I at the Comedy Cellar Saturday night. We were sitting front row and Sarah was unsure whether we were indeed father and daughter, or another interesting option, lovers. (Gross.) Upon assuring Sarah that my dad was my dad she seemed relieved. She then went on to say she should've known better as my Dad didn't look rich enough to be my lover. It's true - my Dad would have to have at least a couple billion for me to bed him. (Oh relax, I'm kidding.)
-Dave Butts! Despite having an uncanny resemblance to Will Ferrell, Dave is best known for being my Chicago roommate in 2007. Dave was not only my date to Keeping Abreast but he and his wife hosted me (and our friend Laurie!) for dinner Sunday evening in their Brooklyn abode. Good times! 


  1. I stayed at The Jane when I saw Sienna Miller on Broadway! Also went to Pastisse that trip…which we have to do on our next trip.

  2. Girl, can we talk about that coat? Where's it from? I need it!


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