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Konnichiwa Kimono!

Less than 24 hours ago, Julianna sent me this link and this link and I've been conducting a full blown kimono investigative search ever since. For real, I'm like Saul on Homeland but in lieu of terrorism, I'm tracking traditional tea wear. As a result of my research, I now know what American retailers have the cutest, yet affordable, ones.

*Note The kimono in the upper right corner, modeled by Brenda from 90210 (am I right?!?) is by Kite & Butterfly & can be found here. The others you will find below. Bren- please send my regards to Dylan!

*Another Note The winner of my 99 Problems but a Baby Ain't One giveaway is Allie. Thanks to everyone who entered - I wish I could give you all my book. =(

(which is "let's go shopping" in Japanese.)


  1. I've been wanting one so bad. Thanks for the suggestions! p.s I realize wearing a kimono will confuse strangers even more so when it comes to my ethnicity. But I'm going with it.

  2. I love all those Kimonos! Guess what!? I do not own 1. isn't that weird? I used to have a lot when I vintage shopped like crazy but it has slowed wayyyyyyyy down bc I had a problem.


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