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Allow me to introduce today's guest contributor, Julianna Wesolowski. "Jules" has been my BFF since we met in 7th grade basketball. We became roommates when we moved to Chicago after college (Marquette for her, Augustana for me) and sisters when she became my younger brother's partner. (They've been together for over 8 years.)

Julianna is a Child & Family Trauma Therapist in Chicago but works part-time at a Wicker Park boutique, (Eskell), to fulfill her creative side. Her personal style, which I really admire, tends to be designer clad and avant garde.

This is what Jules has been up to lately;
WORKING. On "being here now." To be a Renaissance Woman is hard work. Reflection and rejuvenation are necessary for a life of substance. My living room is one of my favorite spots to chillax.

WISHING. I was Rayna James in the elevator with Deacon. Yowza. (Watch the clip (here). Anyone else watch "Nashville"?

WAITING. For Fleetwood Mac to descend upon the Chi next month. Stevie is my muse.

WEARING. My (heeled spectators from Top Shop) because they are amazing, and (Curve) as it recalls high school and the boys I used to hang with and crush on. *Interestingly, my father-in-common-law (Megan's Dad) wears Curve, thus creating some mixed feelings to say the least.

READING. And re-reading and re-reading Ms. Smith. Nuf said. (Just Kids, Patti Smith)

*To see more of Jules, check out previous posts entitled (Pontoon Party), (Beach Wear), (Happy Halloween), & (Mad Men Premiere Party).

Anyone picking up what Julianna is putting down?

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