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Mad Men Premiere Party

 Sunday night I attended Market Publique's MadMen Premiere Party in Brooklyn.

Me and my "sissy" Jules.

 My sister, Jules, was my date for the night. Technically, Jules is not my sister. Rather, she is my best friend from high school turned brother's girlfriend of eight years. The English language doesn't have a word for this type of relationship so I usually just call her my "sissy". Though Sunday I did refer to her as "bitch" when she told me the Brooklyn accent I'd been practicing all day sucked. (Whatevah Jules! My accent is ahh-some. Stop sleeping with my brotha!)

Jules and I had fun getting our "sixties" on for the party. This involved lots of hairspray, bobby pins, fake lashes, pearls, and champagne.

I got to sit and watch the screening with my buds Jen and Reagan who were also in attendance.

Read more about Reag's beehive on her blog, Hair Dresser on Fire.

The whole night was so fun.
Thanks to Pamela from Market Publique for hosting!

Who else watched Mad Men on Sunday night? What did you guys think?

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