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New York City

My time in New York so far been great. Especially because Reagan, who I'm sure you all remember from Meg's Must Reads, lives here. I was super excited to go to dinner with her and her friend, Jen, last night.

Girl's Night Out Y'all!

We went to a cute little spot in the Village and had lots of bread, lots of cheese, and lots of laughs. I didn't mention that we had wine because I felt that went without saying.

You think that being bloggers and all, Reagan and I would have taken the opportunity of each other's company to discuss our common craft. I mean, it's not everyday I get to dine with a fellow blogger, especially one whose work I adore so much.

But in all honesty, there was little conversation dedicated to talking shop. Instead, we spent our precious time together doing other grabbing random guys' butts.

Overall, it was a very fun butt (ha!) active evening.

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