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New Business Cards

I recently ordered more business cards from Vistaprint.

Do you like? Shout out to my bestie, Kirsten, for her assistance.

Upon completing my order for the cards, however, Vistaprint bombarded me with "similar products" they thought I might want as well.

-You just bought business cards! How about a business card holder?
-You just bought business cards! How about some unrelated address labels?!
-You just bought business cards! How about a super phenomenal pen?

I didn't want any of this stuff. I just wanted my order confirmation.

Then Vistaprint hit me with this.

-You just bought business cards!  How about a matching CAR DOOR MAGNET!?

My first thought was WTF. My second thought was absolutely! I do, come to think of it, want a matching car door magnet. That sounds perfect! Good call Vistaprint!


Cool right? Not to mention I think all the big time writers are getting them.

In fact, I'm pretty sure Judy Blume cut me off the other day, that bitch!

(*Fun Fact - I got these shirts made at Vistaprint.)

(*2nd Fun Fact - Congrats to Leisa who won my TXSC Swag Bag Giveaway!)

So, what do you guys think? Is the magnet too much?

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