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While in NYC, I was super excited to stop by the Malin+Goetz store. I've been obsessed with this line ever since using their Peppermint Shampoo while staying in the Mondrian Soho Hotel last year.

Their products are definitely priced higher than, say, my typical bottle of Pantene - but hey. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow, right? (Ironically, I almost got hit by a cab upon leaving the store. Texting while crossing the street guys - beware!)

Upon getting home to Houston, I excitedly showed Danny what I bought -including shampoo and even some shaving creme for him. The Bulls were on, however, so he wasn't interested.

The next night I came home to Danny giving Booker a bath. I was excited about this - we'd been meaning to do it for weeks. That was until of course I saw he was using a Malin+Goetz bottle. 

Danny: What?
Me: That's my shampoo!!
Danny: Oh, it's not the dog shampoo?
Me: No you idiot!!
Danny: Oh. Well it smells good.
Me: Yeah! I know!

The moral of the story is that my husband is an idiot. I will say, however, that Booker smells fantastic.

Have you guys heard of Malin+Goetz?

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