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NY Pitch Conference

Me, waiting to pitch my book. Though I'm smiling on the outside, on the
inside I'm thinking "someone buy my book damnit!"
I attended the NY Pitch Conference this past weekend in hopes of making gains on getting the book I’ve written published. Those “gains” were met but it was an intense four days y’all.  Intense in a good way – but intense nonetheless.  (Also, “intense” like camping! Because you camp "in tents". Ha!)

Part of this conference involved spending nearly 96 hours in a little room with fourteen fellow writers – all women, all talented, all with their own fascinating stories and backgrounds.
Among them were;
  • A plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills. (I presented her with a list of prescriptions I wanted.)
  • A costume assistant who works on Gossip Girl. (I told her I’d be going to work with her on Monday.)
  • A full-time writer who writes erotica. (I blushed and then made arrangements to buy her book.)
  • An attorney. (I got her phone number and told her to “stand by.”)
  • A stand up comedian. (I told to her to be careful when on stage, noting this as a precautionary warning.)
In all seriousness the conference was an amazing experience.  Shout out to Michael Neff for putting on the conference.  

Michael specifically told me not to put this picture on Facebook.
He made no mention of my blog.

Also, shout out Susan Breen for being a wonderful, warm, welcoming mentor.  
Lastly, shout out to "my group" for being so fun and supportive.

Speaking of books, I need a new one. You guys got any recs for me?


  1. Nothing but the Truthiness about Stephen Colbert... I'm not done with it yet, but I'm convinced some where in the book he professes his love to me...

  2. Can you tell us something more about the conference? What happened after your pitch?


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