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Acid Wash vs. Acid

I was so busy in NYC last week with book stuff and blog stuff that I barely had time to shop! I realize that's not a real problem and very shallow sounding - I'm sticking by it nonetheless.

Hours before my flight left Laguardia, I frantically dashed over to Soho and picked up this shirt in a haste.  Upon getting home however, I had second thoughts. I mean, it's acid wash.

But upon pairing it with some more conservative pieces (and by conservative, I mean Gap) I'm standing by the purchase. In fact, now I love this top.

                 Shirt: here Shades: Necessary Clothing (though these are awesome too.) 
Pants: Gap  Bag: Chanel  Shoes: Picked them up at this event

In fact, I love it so much that now I'm considering giving acid, the drug, a shot. Maybe I was wrong about that too!? 

*I'm obviously joking and not going to try, or drop rather, acid. This is especially important to note if you're one of my religous family members, a potential employer, a police officer, or my young and impressionable niece.

Anyone else digging acid wash lately?

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