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CT Scan

Because of my cancer history, every three months I have an ultrasound or CT Scan just to make sure my body is on the up and up. Yesterday it was a CT scan.

My nurse told me to undress and that she would grab me some scrubs to change into.

Nurse: What size scrubs you want darling? Medium?
Me: Yeah. Medium is fine.

The nurse quickly returned to my room with a medium top but must have grabbed a triple XL pant by accident. Instead of taking the mature route and simply informing her of the mistake, I did this.

Of course I was laughing so hard and having such a great time with the enormous pants that my nurse heard me and knocked on my door.  She eventually brought me a medium pant and made me go back to drinking my barium. (Barium is something you have to drink before a CT Scan. It's nast.)

But it was fun while it lasted.

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