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One. Barium is gross  Two. My referee shirt!  Three. More Barium   Four. Still gross

Like I mentioned yesterday, I had a CT scan this week. This is the conversation my nurse and I had before the CT Scan;

Nurse:  Okay Miss Megan, are you allergic to anything?
Me: No. Well, cilantro. But I assume you don't mean food allergies.

Nurse: No. There won't be any cilantro involved in the scan today.

Me: Ha! Good. To be honest, I'm not even technically allergic. I just really really hate it.
Nurse:  Okay. Moving along....Have you had a CT Scan before Megan?
Me: Yep.
Nurse: Good. And you know that as part of the CT scan process, we’ll inject you with "contrast."
Me: Yep.
Nurse: And you know the contrast is highly toxic to your kidneys?
Me:  WHAT?!
Nurse: Yes. It’s highly toxic!
Me:  WHAT?!

Nurse:  Just make sure to drink a lot of fluids today to flush it from your system. Okay?
Me: WHAT?! NO! NOT okay!

The good news is my CT scan showed that I'm all good. CANCER FREE Y'ALL!
 The bad news is I'll probably die from the "highly toxic" contrast, but whatever.

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