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Alexander McQueen

Ever since seeing The Savage Beauty exhibit at The Met, I have a newfound respect for the late Alexander McQueen. Which is why I’m estatic that yesterday I found an Alexander McQueen blazer at a thrift store for $10. THAT SHIT CRAY - Right?!

That's what legitamacy looks like.

Upon checking out at the store, I was super nervous the cashier was going to tell me the marked price was a mistake. So I attempted to distract her with conversation;
Cashier: Is this all?
Me: Yes....So, uh, do you like working here?
Cashier: Not really.
Me: Oh. Uh....So do you have a boyfriend?
Cashier: No. I'm gay.
Me: Oh.......I have gay ex-boyfriends too, come to think of it.
Cashier: You want a bag for that?
Me: No.....
And then I SPRINTED to my car. Partly because I was afraid they'd take my blazer back and partly becasue that was a weird-ass conversation I initiated.

RIP Alexander McQueen.

P.S. Check out my new and super cool "Topics" page!! Shout out to my bestie Kirsten for her design help. (And by "help", I mean I did nothing.)


  1. Sweet find! I found Michael Kors khaki pants for $2 a few weeks ago and had a similar reaction, but minus the awkward conversation. :)


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